Where are all the quails going?

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The constant decrease in the number of quails inexistence could be attributed to the fact that they are losing their primary source of habitat. Quails like other small wildlife are very specific in their survival requirements. They mostly thrive on some grasses, legumes, and weeds. However, several factors are responsible for the loss and disruption of the growth of these plants. In the 70s, there was an act for the endangered species that was put in place. By this time however, the damage had already been made and a decline in the game population had registered a decline. It is around this time, in the year 1981 that Quail unlimited came into the picture.

Quail unlimited for those who have never come across the name, was an organization that registered members. The members were usually associated with groups of local chapters. The chapters were intended to raise the funds for the conservation projects of the quails locally through the organization of events such as shooting contests and banquets. In addition to the above, sponsored events such as the celebrity quail hunts which was held annually.

The members however, used to join the organization at a fee with the youths having a reduced fee. For members, the organization offered access to a broad and wide network of people who were like-minded and who would work to keep the quail population under check. Quail unlimited had a vision that was intended to restore the population of quails in America back to the way it was initially for the sake of future generation. And the best way it saw fit to achieve its vision was through improving the habitat, which is something that they worked on whole heartedly until their end.

Quail unlimited reached over a million people through organized school events, scholarships, as well as summer camps. However, more than any other activity, Quail unlimited planted seeds mostly. It had a seed program dedicated to the planting of crops such as alfalfa sunflower and sorghum.

However, in the year 2013 the organization faced lots of challenges that included finances, declining chapters, and management scandals. The board of directors therefore deemed it wise to put an end to it. This came as a shock to most bird hunters. However, the financial problems began in the year 2009 and they apparently could get themselves to rise above the ashes. At its end, Quail Forever ended up owning the mailing list that belonged to QU.